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7 Steps to Cut Your Water Bill

These 7 easy guidelines provide a great way to enhance your garden experience and allow you to be a part of the water conservation solution. Implementing these tips will definitely make a difference in reducing your water usage and your water bill and assist you in cultivating a healthy and vibrant garden and outdoor environment. […]

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Water-Wise Plant Solutions

Seems like the water shortage is really taking its toll on gardens around the city. Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to wake up and realize that we were taking too many things for granted. Sometimes it’s our health that we allow to deteriorate because of the demands of work. At other times it […]

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Avocado Trees

  I had a delightful visit with a new client, Meg, last week. We walked around her property to discuss ideas for landscape improvements and a precious moment was had when we came to the avocado tree. Her son Peter had planted the avocado seed in a small container when he was about 9 years […]

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Urban Chickens

Consider farm fresh Omega 3 eggs right from your own back yard!   Our newest venture is to introduce chickens into urban gardens. If you have a yard that has at least 25ft clearance from the neighbors and any residential dwelling, talk to us. We have experts that can build you a chicken coop and […]

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Zucca – Italian Pumpkin – Marina di Chioggia I love pumpkin and I decided to plant a new variety this year. I was thrilled to see these amazingly large leaves as this pumpkin grew in my garden. These  beautiful graceful leaves which are 12″ in diameter, hover above the soil on thick stems. It will […]

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Belly Fat at 49?

I spent the Christmas Holidays in not-so-sunny Seattle relaxing with friends and eating generous portions of buttery-rich clam chowder, flan, pies, jambalaya, creamed potatoes, chicken wings and whatever else crossed my path. No wonder when the New Year rolled in, there was an ever increasing roll around my waistline. When it reached gastronomical proportions, I […]

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