Long regarded as the “food for the Summer”, Watermelon, Citrullus species (Cucurbitaceae), is native to Africa and has been cultivated since ancient times. It’s easy to grow in the hot Southern California climate and there are many benefits that may be derived from eating watermelon

1. Helps you stay hydrated
Watermelon’s high water content may help keep you hydrated — which supports your overall health — as well as feeling full.

2. Packed with nutrients and beneficial plant compounds
Watermelon boasts numerous nutrients, including a substantial amount of vitamins A and C. It also offers antioxidants like lycopene and cucurbitacin E.

3. May improve heart health
The lycopene and citrulline in watermelon may support heart health by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

4. May reduce inflammation and oxidative stress
Watermelon contains compounds that may help reduce inflammation, high levels of which are linked to numerous illnesses.

5. May relieve muscle soreness
The citrulline in watermelon may help improve exercise performance and decrease muscle soreness.

Gazpacho is a great way to utilize peak summer produce like tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados. Here’s a great recipe
from Ali at Gimme some Oven

Spanish Gazpacho Ingredients
Gazpacho is the quintessential summer soup because all of its perfect ingredients are in season this time of year, and it requires no heating. It’s so easy to just prep your ingredients on a cutting board and use a blender or food processor to combine your ingredients. To make this homemade gazpacho recipe, you will need:

Tomatoes: Any ripe, juicy, fresh tomatoes will do.
Persian or English Cucumbers
Green or Red Bell Peppers
Bread: Leftover white bread is the key to the texture of authentic gazpacho. Discard the crusts for optimal texture. Soak the bread in water to soften it.
Just half of a small red onion, peeled.
Garlic: Two small garlic cloves, or one large clove.
Olive oil: 3 tablespoons.
Sherry vinegar or Red wine vinegar.
Ground cumin
Sea salt and black pepper: Essentials!


1. Puree the soup: Combine all of your gazpacho ingredients in a blender or food processor, and puree for 1 minute or until the gazpacho reaches your desired consistency. (I love mine super-smooth.)

2. Chill: Transfer the soup to a sealed container and refrigerate for 4 hours or until completely chilled.

3. Serve: Then serve the soup nice and cold, garnished with your favorite toppings.

With such a simple pureed soup, toppings are a must in my book! I like to add any combination of the following to gazpacho:

Homemade croutons: Easy to make with any leftover bread that you happen to have on hand.
Fresh herbs: Basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary and/or chives
Fresh-cracked black pepper
Olive oil: An extra drizzle on top is traditional in Spain.
Cream: A drizzle of cream (or sour cream) can be nice, if you would like a creamier soup.
Spanish ham and chopped hard-boiled eggs: These toppings are popular with gazpacho in the south of Spain.
Also sprinkle a few of the leftover chopped gazpacho veggies on top (such as tomato, green pepper, onion)

You can either serve gazpacho soup in a bowl or mug, garnished with your desired toppings. Or to keep things super simple, many places in Spain just serve gazpacho over ice in glasses with a straw.

The one thing to note when serving gazpacho is that it needs to be thoroughly chilled. So plan to blend up the recipe a few hours before serving, so that it has ample time to cool off in the fridge before your meal.

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