Interested in taking a deep dive into the vibrant principles of nature to uplift and transform the way you see life and the cultivation of gardens? Do you desire to seek new ways to observe nature, transform your mindset and activate your unique expression? Then sign up for the seasonal Sacred Garden Tours led by Denise Buchanan.

As a lecturer at the University of Southern California in Urban Plant Ecology and Planting Design, Denise Buchanan is well versed in the environmental, cultural and psychological aspects of landscapes in Southern California. Her Sacred Garden Tours are intended to reveal the wisdom of nature and offer the space for lively discussion into how plants and design strategies promote health and well-being. You will be delighted to visit selected public and private landscaped spaces to see what’s possible in the creation of sustainable and biodiverse garden environments for your own property or for those of your friends and colleagues and in the process you will discover techniques to cultivate your own inner garden to activate the greatness that is seeking to emerge.

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“Thank you Denise and Sacred Gardens crew. With your amazing vision, talent, professionalism, patience, expertise, hard work and kindness, you made it all worth while. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and can’t thank ALL of you enough.” Dana Jones