Recharge Your Energy and Your Life

I had a tremendous response to my posting on Losing Belly Fat and some readers wanted to know what exercises I did to help with the weight loss and to increase my energy levels.

One of the biggest tips is if you are watching TV, get off the sofa during the commercials and do some exercises on the floor. On a comfortable rug or mat, do some sit ups, push ups, leg lifts, stretches, march in place, jumping jacks. If you do any combination of these for 2-3 minutes during each commercial break you will find that if you watch 2 hours of tv a night, you will get in about 20 minutes or more of movement/cardio during this time frame. What a great opportunity to get yourself back in shape at your own pace and help you feel better about yourself.

If during your day you need an energy boost, rather than reaching for the coffee, you can instantly recharge your energy by increasing circulation.



Any time you need a quick pick-me-up at home or at the office, take an easy walk that includes the following stress-busting techniques. It can also help if your goal is to lose weight or firm up:

  1. Walk around your home/office building/up and down the corridors, take the stairs for 15 min.
  2. Invite a friend or coworker along to discuss the issue of the day and get two things done at once.
  3. If you are alone, as you walk, focus on your feet. Hold the awareness on each step as your foot rolls from heel to toe. Do this for 5 mins.
  4. Turn your attention to breathing. Lift your upper body to stand upright, increasing lung space. As you inhale imagine you are drawing in renewed energy. Exhale tiredness and pain. Let fresh life flow into your lungs and cells.
  5. Mentally talk to yourself as you breathe…Breathe in and say…I allow only good things to flow into my life. Breathe out and say…I release and let go all stress and strain and tiredness. Continue for 15 mins.
  6. If you only have a few minutes – pump-up the pace. Lift your knees high when walking or walk in place, knees high, for 5 mins, do jumping jacks in place or climb the stairs for 5 mins.


To zero in on shaping your abs, use this toning tip during any walk.

Time: 15 minutes

1) As you walk, focus on drawing your abs in towards your spine. Try to hold the contraction during your walk but don’t hold your breath.