Sacred Garden Designs is a full service landscape design firm that creates garden sanctuaries that are healing, environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing. We are Master Builders of amazing spiritual gardens and retreats at many scales. We care about your small garden plot, your large residential estate, an urban park or trail, an eco-tourist resort, a national park or highway development. Our mission is to promote a culture of health and well-being through cultivating and preserving nature worldwide.

Contact us today and we will be happy to provide a free garden consultation. If you just need a garden clean up or maintenance services, we can do that for you right away.

If you require a full garden overhaul, we can do that too!

5 Easy steps to your Sacred Garden

Step 1: Meet with one of our design consultants for a free initial consultation to assess your garden site and determine the best way to proceed given your needs and budget.
Step 2: We will provide you with a written estimate for the services you need.
Step 3: If you need a landscape plan, we will send you our design questionnaire and arrange to measure your site, take pictures and meet again with you to determine your design opportunities.
Step 4: Once the concept plan is completed and approved, we provide you with sketches and concept pictures and a detailed planting plan.
Step 5: We have capable industry professionals that will provide you with irrigation and landscape installation services. Once your garden is installed we have experienced gardeners who will provide a maintenance schedule for your garden.

Our Crew at work








Landscape and Irrigation Installation