Sacred Garden Classes

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” – Aristotle

Sacred Garden Designs offers garden classes to groups interested in learning landscape design and construction techniques to create their own Sacred Garden. Participants will learn:

* what creates a Sacred Garden

* fundamental elements of landscape design

* techniques that will save water

* methods to create more sustainable landscapes

* urban farming – growing fruit and vegetables

* raising chickens and farm fresh omega 3 eggs

* a system for tackling current and future garden issues

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Sacred Garden Workshops

“Gardens bring us into contact with the cycles and irrefutable laws of nature, teaching us indelible lessons about ourselves and about the messy, difficult, and beautiful processes of living.”
– Cait Johnson in Earth, Water, Fire, and Air

Sacred Garden Designs is also a strong advocate of cultivating the outer garden as we nurture the inner garden and utilizes garden metaphors in workshops and healing sessions for individuals to realign with their divine essence and highest and best calling for their life.

The Sacred Garden Workshops provide children and adults with the opportunity to express their dreams through the creative medium of art and writing. Within each individual lies an inner garden where seeds (ideas) have been planted. The unfolding process of the Workshop tills the soil, (explores latent dreams, talents, beliefs and judgments) and provides water and nutrients (loving, support and action steps) to allow the garden to grow.

The Sacred Garden Workshops are an opportunity to assist people to access the highest purpose for their life by releasing fears and beliefs that hold them back and helping them to energize and grow the seeds that are their life’s calling. The workshops allow us to grow ourselves from the inside out.

Through the medium of gardens we see life’s lessons played out at every stage of the garden’s transformation and utilize these opportunistic metaphors to assist people in channeling their life’s energy into creating, changing and uplifting that part of the world that can only be done through them.

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